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I have been in the Farrier business since 1966, and serving the horse owners of Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina since 1998.  Most of this long career has been in the service of professionals in the Hunter/Jumper, Dressage/Eventing, and Thoroughbred racing industries.  Additionally, I have  had the opportunity to attend countless conferences, seminars, and clinics, as well as enjoying some success in farrier competitions.

These forty plus years with horses have allowed me to work with numerous trainers, veterinarians, and farriers; developing an extensive network of resources both nationally and internationally.  This experience has made it possible to build a large knowledge base for the successful and efficient treatment  of hoof and lameness pathologies, such as Laminitis (Founder), Navicular Syndrome, White Line Disease, Suspensory and Hock issues, and various gait problems.  My practice is based in the time tested and proven Classical European methods of horse shoeing blended with the most current technologies.  A wise old Farrier once told me “Foot problems are usually farrier problems”.  And the years have proven him right!  Barefoot or shod horses receiving conscienteous and regular hoof care stay sound, perform better and longer, and are easier to manage. 

Please take a moment to look at the other pages on this site.  See what my long time clients have to say.  Call Pisgah Forge and be sure your horses get the best proven care available!

Pisgah Forge uses American made products!

Many of the products used by farriers today are imported form Europe or Asia. But Pisgah Forge has tried to use American made products. St. Croix Forge Shoes and Capewell nails are the used almost exclusively. These manufacturers are owned by Delta/Mustad Corp, the largest manufacturer of farrier supplies in the world. This is a Swiss based company, but St. Croix Forge, Forest Lake, MN, and Capewell Nails, Hartford, CN, are U.S. businesses employing American workers. These the the highest quality products on the market and Pisgah Forge is proud to support American industry!